About & Contact

Manumit is a concept derived from the definition of setting free; we are here to bring the technical knowledge to release new ideas to the market, or develop existing ones currently constrained by market behavior or knowledge loopholes.

Our Group has a track record in competitive markets like New Zealand, UK, UAE and Mexico. The people involved in this venture are known to deliver simple yet beautiful, feasible business models with sound operations and unique selling points.

Manumit brings together bright minds specialized in tourism, hospitality and leisure; we also source and work together with experts in related industries like design and construction; bringing specialized knowledge to realize projects without excessive costs.

Our core areas of expertise are:

  • Financial analysis and modelling
  • Commercial strategy
  • Business and management consulting
  • Food and beverage operations (new & existing)
  • Entertainment and leisure operations (new & existing)
  • Supply chain (import, export, logistics)

If you have an idea, a concept or want to develop an existing business further; drop us an email.
We are here to free up and realize the potential of your new or existing business.

Email: Chief@manumit-group.com